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A nature and cultural trail made for biking and hiking. There are picnic areas, fishing spots and a nice beach. Ustedalsfjorden Rundt passes Fekjo Kulturminnepark (with burial grounds from the Viking Age) and Tuftebrua which is a replica of the old bridge from 1884. Information boards along the way.

Time: about 2 hours round trip

Km: 10 km (shorter variant around Veslefjorden, 4 km)

Maps: Uglands turkart Geilo in 1:50 000. Paths and walking trails, on foot and by bicycle.
Map of the center of Geilo

Tour description:
This is the perfect tour that suits young and old - on foot and by bicycle.
From Geilojordet (a yard with old houses) the popular nature and culture trail twists and turns all the way along the banks of Ustedalsfjorden. Many information boards along the way tell you of Geilo's history, flora and fauna.
2 km from Geilojordet is Geilo Beach. On hot summer days there are great conditions for a nice swim. Continue the trail past the Fekjo Kulturminnepark. Note the landscape exhibition "House for wind music and tonal colours" created by the artist Gunnveig Nerol and musician and composer Terje Isungset (opened 2001).
The park also includes Fekjo Gavfelt, a Viking burial ground (dated from around the year 900), an old haybarn, a cowshead, a very old trail (part of Normannsslepene) and an old stonewall. Barely 1 km further west the tour crosses Tuftebrua. The bridge is built in the tradional log/timber construction and is a true copy of the old preserved bridge from 1884. On the south side the trail winds up a small slope and then back down to the fjord and back to the city via the golf course area of ​Vestila. Along the way there are several fishing spots and picnic areas with barbecues - and many fine viewpoints.