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Dog sledding

Dog sledding is exciting for everyone. You have the opportunity to lead the dogs yourselves or to be led by the musher.

Dog sledding with Geilo Husky

Do you want to control your own dog sledge? Or maybe you want to sit on the dog sledge while the musher leads 6 ore more speed loving dogs? We take you on a round trip on and along Ustedalsfjorden. The trip starts from a wilderness camp where you get the opportunity to greet the dogs and enjoy a hot drink. You’ll also get to learn about the dogs and mushing them by Mari and André, the brother and sister that have been doing this all their life.

You can choose from two different trips:

5 km trip
Day: Wednesday
Time: 13:00

Meeting point: in the camp which is located about 100 metre from Geilolia Hyttetun.
Look for the signposts.
Duration: 1 hour from arrival.
The ride lasts about 25 min.
Minimum age: 3 years

10 km trip
Day: Wednesday
Time: 12:00

Meeting point: in the camp which is located about 100 metre from Geilolia Hyttetun.
Look for the signposts.
Duration: 1.5 hour from arrival.
The ride lasts about 45 min
Minimum age: 3 years

Dog sledding after sunset

Following and listening to our customers over the years, we have decided to introduce and exciting and truly unique dogsledding experience in Geilo. Every Thursday evening Geilo Husky will be offering dogsledding in the dark. Following a torchlight trail to our camp you will be met by a true wilderness experience, sitting around the camp fire whilst waiting for the husky team to arrive. Once they arrive , you will be provided with a headlight and instructions on how to drive your own team of dogs, before you disappear into the dark, with a experienced dog driver on the first sled. After your magical trip we sit around the fireplace and provide you with some hot drinks and a little Norwegian snack. This is time to get the good stories and ask our team of experts everything you may be wondering about the dogs and the surrounding wilderness. Welcome to a different evening-activity!

Prices: 5 km – adult 620 NOK and children 470 NOK - Family 1 800 NOK (2+2)
            10 km – adult 1 200 NOK and children 900 NOK – Family 3 600 NOK (2+2)

Experience the best of Hardangervidda!

Winter 2014 Geilo Husky offers a unique opportunity to experience the Hardangervidda National Park at its best. Drive your own sled with dogs into the white. We sleep in an old cabin with fantastic food and lovely hosts.

We pick you up at your hotel or other place close to Geilo. You will then be part of preparing your own team of dogs, always with an experienced dogdriver by your side. When we’re ready we start the trip in to the mountains, with two guides and a lot of dogs.
In Hardangervidda you will experience the quietness, the unique nature and of course how it feels like to drive the sled behind eight excited dogs.  Our target for the day is Tuva Turisthytte, an oasis in the white desert Hardangervidda. We nurse and feed the dogs before we go inside and get our treat of the day and have a nice evening in the traditional atmosphere.

Next morning you get to try your new skills. Do you manage to prepare your team of dogs all by yourself? The way home is decided by weather and your wishes. We have a long lunch-stop on the way – with some extra quality time with the dogs.
When we’re back it’s time to say goodbye to your new best friends before we bring you back to your accommodation.

You can do this in February, March and April.
Price for adult is 5 400 NOK and for children 3900 NOK. This includes everything from we get you, until your back  ”home” again.

Geilo Husky also offer half day -, whole day – and several day trips.

For booking; call + 47 402 15 662, or send an e-mail to

Read more about Geilo Husky. 

Dog sledding with Geilo Dogsledding

Trip in Hardangervidda National Park

Geilo is surrounded by Hardangervidda.
Geilo Dogsledding would like to take you, with the dogs, to the Hardangervidda which is the largest high mountain plateau in Europe.
In springtime, from the end of February up until May, it’s an extremely fascinating place to be.
Everywhere you look there’s an astonishing beautiful view. And if you’re lucky, you’ll get to see some of the 8000 reindeers that live up there.

You will be booked in groups. If you wish, you can be a musher and get your own dog team, or you can just sit in the sled and enjoy the ride.

Please send us an inquiry for longer trips.

It is weather modification on the trips.

Hardangervidda is Norway’s most famous national park.

Trip on the Ustedalsfjord - Geilo Beach

In the deep of the valley, there is a beautiful area of untouched wilderness.
Surrounded by the mountains and covered with snow, it is the ultimate place for shooting the perfect holiday pictures.

Geilo Dogsledding can show you this countryside with sledge dogs.
We take you for a roundtrip for 5 or 10 kilometres at Ustedalsfjorden.

We start at Geilo Beach only two kilometres wvest from Geilo Centrum.
You can choose whether you want to sit in the sledge, or if you want to be a musher with your own dog team.
You will be booked in small groups.
Our 14 Alaskan huskies are well trained and very friendly to people.
They will take you for a trip on the lake that you will never forget :)

Roundtrips 5 km or 10 km will be at Wednesday and Saturday.

Price 5 km trip:
Adults NOK 500,-
Children( 2-12) NOK 350,-

Price 10 km trip:
Adults Nok. 1000,-
Children (2-12) NOK 700,-

Read more about Geilo Dogsledding.