Attractions in Geilo-området - 16 matches


Rent a ''lavvo''

Area: Dagali  Map

Nature attraction, Canyoning Do you want to stay in one of our new wooden Lavvoes (tipi) ? The Lavvos are located at Dagali Fjellpark, which is an outdoor activity center that offers a range of activities l...

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"Worlds biggest" kicksled

Area: Geilo center  Map

Attractions, Culture and history In 2011 was the 30. time of Spark-VM in Geilo. One team made a 4,53M high kicksled to celebrate this year event.

Dagali Church

Area: Dagali  Map

Attractions, Church Dagali church was consecrated the 4th of August 1850. It is built in wood and has the capacity of around 200 people.

Dagali museum

Area: Dagali  Map

Attractions, Culture and history Dagali museum can be found in the mountain village Dagali, 24 kilometers from Geilo. Here are buildings and artifacts from Dagali, Skurdalen, Tunhovd and Uvdal. Most are in the ...

Fekjo Cultural Heritage Site

Area: Geilo  Map

Attractions, Culture and history In Fekjo cultural heritage park there are many cultural relics from the prehistoric and historic times. The burial mounds in the area is from the Viking Age.

Geilo Church

Area: Geilo center  Map

Attractions, Church Geilo church is the third church in Hol that is over 100 years old.

Geilo Cultural Church

Area: Geilo  Map

Attractions, Church, Culture and history Geilo Cultural Church is the place for art and culture. An inspiring place with reflection of traditions and heritage.


Area: Geilo center  Map

Attractions, Culture and history Geilojordet is an idyllic yard with ancient buildings from the 1700-1800's.


Area: Havsdalen  Map

Cabin/mountain pasture At Hamarsbøenstølen you can see cows and calves.



Nature attraction Hivjufossen is an impressive waterfall and a nice hike. The tour is about 3 km and it is a great family outing.

Hol Church

Area: Hagafoss  Map

Attractions, Church The church with the beautiful stone-glass windows was built in 1924.

Hol old church

Area: Hol/Hagafoss  Map

Attractions, Culture and history, Summer The small, sun burnt wooden church has been the central building in the Holsbygda since early in the 1200s, and has always had a very special place at all holingar.


Area: Hallingskarvet  Map

Cabin/mountain pasture Lordehytta cabin at Folarskardet (1620m above sea level) was built around 1880 by Lord Garvagh.

Rallarmuseet Finse

Area: Finse  Map

Museum The Rallar Museum is a museum showing pictures and exhibits from the building of the Bergen Railway from 1894-1909. It is located in the eastern locomotive-garage at Finse.

Tufte Bridge

Area: Geilo  Map

Attractions, Culture and history 500 metres west of Fekjo you will find the timber bridge Tuftebrui, which is built on the same principles of constructions as the old, protected bridge from 1884/85.

Vestreim Fjellstugu

Area: Geilo  Map

Serving Lodge, Cabin/mountain pasture The name of the cabin is Kvitestein and is located at the mountain farm Vestreim in Budalen. The cross - country trails is only 10 meters from the cabin, which is groomed daily ...

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