Slaatta Skisenter Adaptive
©Paul Lockhart


Geilo has a goal to be a destination for everyone, also those with limited mobility. Here you will find information regarding where you can stay, dine, activities and outdoor life in the whole municipality.

Eateries and Nightspots

Geilo has many different restaurants and cafes. Many of them can be packed with guests, which sometimes can give challenges in regard to moving freely. Therefore, we recommend that you call ahead and book a table, to ensure accessibility.

Outdoor Life

Geilo is known for its wonderful scenery. So why not experience it? We don’t want a wheelchair to stop you. Geilo has, therefore, created some nice spots that you can easily access. One of these spots is by Ustedalsfjorden Round, just east of the Cultural Church. Here is a nice fishing pier, a shelter and a bonfire area. Another nice spot is by the Seimsbrua bridge , located by the Holsfjorden lake in Hol.


In Geilo, we want skiing and snowboarding to be an option for everyone, no matter the preconditions. Therefore, Geilo Ski School at Slaatta offers a separate «Adaptive Program» for the disabled who want to participate in snow sports. There is also an eventful activity week for those with Downs Syndrome at Slaatta ski center. The week is packed with activities for the whole family. Here you can do downhill, sledding, test out dogsledding, go bowling, and many more fun activities.

Ski instruction

Geilo Ski School at Slaatta offer private instruction for the disabled. No matter whether you have reduced vision, blindness, deafness, are an amputee, paralyzed, or have other functional hurdles, we will make sure that you are well taken care of and experience the magic on the ski slopes. Geilo Ski School at Slatta have a junior bi-ski, adult sitski, outriggers, etc, that we use during the instruction. Geilo Ski School has profesionally trained instructors who will give you confidence, proper equipment, and support.