Campfire Dinner, the Norwegian style

A wonderful evening at the lake
Have you ever dreamed about sitting by a warm campfire, eating dinner high in the mountains, feeling the fresh air and looking out over the lake?

This dream can become a reality, you can join us on this wonderful adventure a peaceful evening where we make the most traditional campfire meal there is in Norway. We will make Hot dogs on the fire and eat them together with the traditional Norwegian potato bread “Lompe”, and when you add fried onions, ketchup, mustard and shrimp salad you will feel a bit Norwegian. You could also try our Norwegian stick bread and have some marshmallows for dessert.

An evening with a warm campfire you can stare into for hours wondering where the time went, eating traditional campfire food and enjoying our stunning nature is an adventure you should treat yourself at least once in your lifetime.
Address: Geilo Beach, 3580 Geilo