Christmas dinner at Storestølen

Between Christmas and New Years Eve you can eat the homemade dinner at Storestølen.
It is incredibly cozy at Storestølen at Christmas! Here you can relax and feel safe. Because Storestølen is so small, they have good control over all guests. All dinners must be pre-ordered (+47 320 90 400), there is at least one meter between the tables, the food is served at your table. And of course, all other infection control rules from the goverment are followed up.

All the food is homemade, what about homemade herring in different varieties, 'gravet' trout, and homemade aquavit? And this is just the beginning! Here a small list of typical Norwegian Christmas traditions.

• Local goat meat
• Organic sheep meat
• Ribs from wild pig and organic pig
• Deer, moose and reindeer roast
• 'Spekemat' and potato bread
• Rakfisk from Hallingdal
• Christmas cakes and snacks completely without gluten, milk and white sugar
• Vegan alternative for those who want it!
• Local aquavit, biodynamic wines

When can I book it?

27 dec 2020
Christmas dinner at Storestølen 27 December 2020 - 18:00
03 jan 2021
Christmas dinner at Storestølen 03 January 2021 - 18:00
Address: Strønde, 3577 Hovet ,