Course in winter outdoor life

Do you dream about spending more time outdoor in the winter? I will take you out and provide you with the knowledge you need to spend a night in the cold. Everything from how to make a good bonfire, what defines the ideal campsite to the trick to keep the heat through the night. The goal is that you feel confident enough to take the trip alone next time.

First afternoon / evening we gather for a little chat about the trip, expectations and tips. There is also a review of equipment’s, packing of backpacks and how we set up campsite. You are welcome to sleep over at my place.

Second day, we meet early and go to the place where we will build campsite. Whether it is a tent or snow cave we are going to sleep in, it must be built toilet, kitchen and a fireplace area.

Third day there is breakfast and a little reflection / conversation around the concept of leave no trace. We leave the camp together and are back at Ustaoset around kl. 1:00 p.m. We finish the trip with evaluation, coffee and cake.

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When can I book it?

12 mar 2021
Course in winter outdoor life 12 March 2021 - 18:00
Address: Geilo,
Phone: +4732178020