Cross country skiing at Kikut
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Cross country skiing

Geilo and Hol Municipality is one of the best areas in Norway for cross country skiing, with more than 500 kilometers of groomed tracks both in the valleys and on the mountain plateaus. Season starts in October/November and last until May. The most eager cross country skiers can go skiing in the higher mountain areas until June.

Geilo´s cross country trails are maintained to a high standard throughout the winter. They are free to use, and there is a wide range of trails from short and flat beginner's areas to challenging routes along the mountaintops.


Cross Country Skiing - Grand and Easily accessible

Hallingskarvet lies majestically and guards over everywhere and everyoone. Around the mountain are miles and miles of inviting ski tracks. Let the peacefulness and nature envolope you. Several of the cross country tracks are tied to the Norwegian Tourist Associations' s (DNT) marked tracks on the Hardangervidda and Skarvheimen area. In addition, there are lighted tracks at Geilohallen sports arene (5km) Høvet, Hagafoss/Hol, Skurdalen and Dagali. Perfect for early skiing and when the wind is strong in the mountains. The tracks around the Ustedalsfjorden lake is made for families with children, with information boards about nature and culture in the area. 

Hallingdal is one of Europe's best cross country regions; and Hol municipality, and especially Geilo, wish to deliver world class cross country tracks. Around Geilo center, you will find tracks that go through wooded terrain and hig mountains. At Geilo ski stadium thre is a floodlit track. Geilo has several food service cabins in conjunction with the track network.

Tourist cabins in the mountains
Geilo is known for its many cozy dining offers in the mountains. Others again demand a little longer trip. Common for all of them is that you can come in and warm yourselves while you enjoy something hot in a cup and real home-baked goods. Check out for description and opening hours here

Trip advice
The ski trip doesn't have to be very long, as a short tri can be just as nice. The terrain under many of the short trips is slightly hilly and fun, without long and exhausting uphill tracks. For tour description we advice you to use Outdoor Active, her you will find tour descriptions we have got ourselves! 

Ski-track map and rental
The skitrack map can be obtained at the tourist information office and at the most of the accomodations providers. If you need to rent equipment, you can do this at one of the ski rentals. Here you can also receive help in waxing your skis so that the equipment doesn't hinder your trip out on the plains.
Geilo skishop at Dr. holms rents out both classic, skate and back country skis. SkiGeilo at Vestlia rents out classic skis and at Slaatta Skisenter aside Dr. Holms you can rent classic skis and delever your skis for maintenance. Also the ski center in Skurdalen, Haugastøl and Dagali rents out cross country skis. In case you need to buy wax, clothing and other equipment you can refer to one of the three sport shops in town (Intersport, Geilo Sport and Sport1).

Like us, the dogs like to go on walks in the free and beautiful mountains. We sk everyone to follow the rules that apply to traffic with dogs all year round. 
In Hol community the dog must be lined up in the periode from 1st of April until the 31sst of October and all Norwegian national holidays. During this period, there is absolute restraint for the sake of wildlige in the mountains, the dog must be kept on leash. During the nasjonal Norwegian holidays like Christmas, winterholidays and Easter this rules appears as well in all double-track, groomed ski tracks. 
In the time period between the first of November until the 31st of March the dog can run free as long you have control over it. We recommend that you have the dog on a leash at the start of the trip and wait until you are away from the main road, parking and cabins before you possibly release it. We thank you for showing respect for other users, children and adults, who may experience insecurity in encounters with dogs. 

We ask all dog owners to bring - and use - dog waste bags. Dog shit and the dog waste bags on the trail not only looks ugly and unflattering, it is also a general annoyance and can potentially cause damage to our trail machines.
Thank you for making an effort so that we can keep the rules for dog traffic at this level!

Making a fire
In open country, you can stop and rest where you wish, but please stay clear of inhabited houses and cabins, and be considerate of other visitors. You may light a fire in open country, but not in or near woodland between April15 and September 15. Don't damage trees when gathering wood for your fire - use old, dry branches and twigs. If you buuild a bonfire on the shore, don't place it directly on rock, as this may cause the rock to split. More information about the Norwegian right to roam you can find here


The easy way to the mountains

Get up the mountains easily by using the ski bus from SkiGeilo. The ski bus is for free and you do not need to bring skis to take the bus. For more information and timetables look here
It is also possible to charge your ski pass for a single trips with the chairlift up to the mountains and start your cross country tour from here. Now you have a great and easy start of your cross country tour, noticed that you are not able to take the lift down. You need to ski or walk down in the cross country slopes or alpine slopes. When walking do this on the left or right side. You can recharge your ski pass in the ski reception at Vestlia, Slaatta, Kikut and Havsdalen. (Smartcard from TeamAxess NOK50 and costs for one way ticket from NOK 85)


Hallingdal cross countryparadice

Hallingdal can offer more than 2000km of cross country tracks!

The winter is snow-sure in Hallingdal and offers a full 2000km of machine-prepared world class cross-country trails. Dedicated trail riders deliver double tracked cross country trails with free style (skate) in the midle from the end of October to the middle of May. Serving cabins, kiosks, cafes and picnic areas are pleasant tour goals that create fun skiing for everyone. For longer trips we recommend Hallingdalsløype Sør (from Ustaoset to Norefjell, 136km) and Eventyrløypa (from Hemsedal to Gulsvik, 125km). More longer tour descriptions are avilible at For shorter day trips we strongly advise

In Hallingdal you will find a wide offer of accomodations and cross country tracks, visit the other destination website for more local information. More information about all skitracks and tours you fine here. Welcome to Hallingdal in Hol, Ål, Gol, Hemsedal, Nesbyen and Flå!