Dogsledging at Langedrag Naturpark

Langedrag Naturpark

The dogs at Langedrag are happy in the company of adults and children, so the days often start with a visit to the dog farm where you get to experience life as a dog walker with feeding, cleaning and lots of fun. There are several tour packages and adapt to their needs. For a customized trip, contact Langedrag Naturpark directly by phone or email.
There are different types of tours. It's the Langedragsrunden.
Feel the fresh feeling when you are drawn by our eager huskies into a frozen bog landscape! You can sit well packed down in the sled or drive yourself. Make a campfire by the gapahuken, where you can warm up with something good to drink and stick bread, as well as give the dogs a pat for the ride.

- Duration: about 15-20 min.
- Adult: 350 nok.
- Children under 15 years: 200 nok.
This tour is available every day as long as the lead lasts. Book in advance to secure a seat in or behind the sled.
Address: Langedragsveien 274, 3544 Tunhovd