Eventyrbadet Vestlia Resort

The new bath of fairy tales covers 750 square meters with a waterslide of 82 meters, going from third floor and down into the ground floor, 20 meters pool and activity pool, bubble bath and a children's pool.
**Update opening hours due to Corona: the swimming pool is closed from friday 15:00 to sunday 14:00 to people not living in the hotel. Update is valid from 05.08.2021**

On December 19th, 2014, we opened the doors to our new swimming attraction – "The Bath of Fairy tales" We have painted grand motives like "Nøkken", "Huldra disappeared" and "The boy on the white horse", originally painted by Theodor Kittelsen (1857 – 1914), one of Norway's best known illustrators of fairy tales, on the walls in the pool area. Kittelsen painted may of his best paintings i his studio at Prestfoss, Lauvlia.

PRICELIST weekdays and weekends

Prices weekdays – from Sunday 2 pm to friday 2 pm
Entrance adults NOK 100,-
Entrance children NOK 80,-

Prices weekends – from Friday 2 pm to Sunday 2 pm and during all holiday weeks
Entrance adults NOK 150,-
Entrance children NOK 100,-

Guests at Vestlia Resort living with self-household 50% off.
Guests with breakfast/half pension free admittance.

Order and bathing rules for the bath of fairy tales

Dear guest – important points for the safety and wellbeing for all:

• Admittance for guests living at Vestlia Resort and those who have bought a ticket in the reception.
• Use of the bath at own risk.
• Children under 10 years of age are only admitted with an adult over 18 years as guardian, and we recommend the use of arm rings as an extra aid.
• Children over 10 years are only admitted alone if they are able to swim.
• Intoxicated persons are not admitted.
• Please pay attention to other guests, no running or shouting – jumping and plunging into the pols is prohibited.
• Brought along food and drinks is not allowed.
• Breakable objects and cigarettes snuff and chewing gum etc. must be left in the wardrobe.
• The use of lockers and shoe shelves is at your own risk.
• Leave your locker open when you leave he wardrobe.
• Bathing guests are responsible for their own belongings.
• Everyone has to go to the showers 15 minutes before closing time.
• Bring your own towel or towel from your room.


• Shower; we all want a clean bathing water, thus all must wash thoroughly with soap, not carrying swimwear. Remember also to wash your hair before entering the pool area.
• Swimwear must be used, bathing in the underwear is not allowed.
• Babies and small children using diapers must always have a bathing diaper on when bathing.
• Adhesive plaster and bandages must not be in use when bathing.
• Uncleanliness of any kind in the pool or in the pool area is prohibited.

Welcome to an adventure that is like a fairy tale – in the bath of the fairy tales!
Address: Bakkestølvegen 81, 3580 Geilo