Family Rafting 8-11 years


Bring the family on a fun and easy rafting tour on the Numedalsågen with fun rapids and wave surfing.
Bring the family on a easy rafting tour on the Numedalsågen with fun rapids and wave surfing. This is a calm rafting tour for families with children 8-12 years.

Our experienced and qualified rafting guides will take good care of you and our staff will tailor the tour to suit you and the rafting experience you are wishing for. All participants will receive proper information, instruction and training before the rafting tour.

Numedalslågen is also a show off when it comes to Norwegian untouched nature and contains crisp, clean water from the Hardangervidda National Park. On some of the calmer section of the river, you will have time to enjoy the surrounding nature and jump into the river and float safely next to the rafts. It is also safe to drink the water!

Back at the base, you are welcome to stay as long as you like, have hot drinks and watch the photos/video clips from your rafting tour. The hot tubs can be ready for you if pre-booked. Highly recommended!

Please contact us for more information and on how to make your experience the best! We can also adapt the tour to suit special needs. We also offer baby/dog-sitting on request.

Swim wear, woolen/thermal underwear and socks, towels. Please bare in mind that the youngest children sit more still during the rafting. Woolen underwear/socks is highly recommended. Wool is a great investment and is perfect for all active adventures. Woolen underwear/socks can be bought is sports stores, sometimes also the super market
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