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Are you new to Geilo? Maybe you want to know where you can get groceries, where you can find the best offers on accomondation, what types of credit cards you can use or where the closest ATM is? Hopefully you´ll find answers to your questions here!

We have two ATMs in Geilo. One is from Sparebank1, in the center street next to Intersport. The other is from SkueSparebank at the bottom of the train station. Spar Supermarket in the city center has a post office in a store where DNB has some of its services. For foreign guests, we recommend withdrawing money when they pay for their groceries with a regular bank card, as there are no additional costs.

Absolutely! All our hotels, ski resorts and shops accept VISA, American Express, Maestro, Diners and Master Card.

The tap water in Geilo is very clean, and often better than bottled water. Very safe to drink, in other words. Fluoride is not added to Norwegian tap water and only very small amounts occur naturally. It is possible to buy fluoride tablets at most pharmacies.

It is common, but not expected to give tips in Norway. If you are satisfied with the service in a restaurant or a bar, tipping will be much appreciated. Adding a 10% to the bill is a standard level of tipping.

It is not very common to tip taxi drivers or other forms of public transport. However, it is up to the customer to decide if they want to reward good service by tipping

Geilo offers a big variety of activities in both summer and winter. Please visit our booking site for all alternatives.

The touristinformation is open from 09:00 to 15:00, monday to friday.  

The most important aspect when taking photos in public is to take photos and videos with respect for other people and nature. There are also a set of rules for drone-flying that can be read here.

In the summer season you can rent a bike from SkiGeilo, go to our website ( They have mountain bike, children's bike and electric bike for rent. We recommend pre-ordering a bike, especially in high season. The bikes can be picked up at Geilo Summer Park in Vestlia from kl. 10:00 to 16:00.

During the winter you can rent Fatbike via GEILO365. You can use walkways to ride a Fatbike, feel free to inform that you want a headlamp. It is also allowed to cycle on cross-country trails, but show consideration for both other users and treadmills. There are wonderful guided tours where you really get to experience opportunities with a fat bike. You can also rent bicycles at GeiloSykkelutleie

You can buy a new ski pass or recharge your existing ski pass at You can also buy ski passes at and you are also very welcome to buy ski passes at one of our several ski centers in Geilo. Think about the environment and bring a ski pass if you already have one. In Geilo we use Smartcard from TeamAxess.

From mid-June until the start of school in mid-August, Geilo Summer Park is open every day from 10 am to 4 pm. Here you will find a summer lift, climbing park, bicycle rental and zipline. Geilo Summer Park is located in Vestlia. From the center of Geilo, drive in the direction of Kongsberg Fv40 and follow the signs in the direction of Vestlia Resort and Geilolia Hyttetun. Address for GPS is Bakkestølvegen 80, 3580 Geilo. A new Dowhill Park will open summer 2021 with a new flow path from the top down.

As of 20.10.2020, it has been rolled a light trail around 1km and rolled from Havsdalen barrier over the road to Prestholt, around 6km. They are not located on the ski trail because the snowmobile is not connected to GPS.

Unfortunately, we no longer have an electrical store in Geilo, it was closed down in the summer of 2020. Infotec can help you with everything related to PCs, laptops and tablets, both equipment and technical assistance. IT Help can help you further with everything that has to do with mobile, both equipment and technical help. Panel heaters, lamps and some electrical small items can be found at Maxbo Geilo and Monter Geilo on the Vestlia side of Geilo. At Europris you can find batteries, lamps and panel heaters and fans, but also a small selection of vacuum cleaners and vacuum cleaner bags. You can find all electrical kitchen equipment at Traktøren og Tilbords in Geilo Sentrum.

There are four campsites in Hol municipality and 2 hostels.


Øen turistsenter is only 2km from the center of Geilo. Here you get both hostels, apartments, cabins and camping, opportunities to wash clothes and the opportunity to order food. Geilo Cabins and camping is located on the other side.


Ustedalsfjorden Overnatting is quietly located in a residential area with a short way to the popular Ustedalsfjorden where you can walk, swim and cycle.


In Hol is Birkelund camping, a great clear campsite that is well equipped. Easy to reach and perfect as accommodation between mountains and fjords.


At Dagali you will find Camping at Dagali Fjellpark. Ideal when you are rafting on Numedalslågen or one of the other activities available on Dagali. It is also possible to book accommodation in lavvo.


Here you will find a list of all campsites in our municipality: