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FAQ (Covid-19)

Frequently asked questions about Geilo and Covid-19.

Oppdatert 24.06.2021


Is Geilo open?

Yes, all accommodations, cafe's and restaurants, stores and activities are open to visit. 

Where can I do a test for covid-19?

You must call Geilo Medical Center to arrange testing for covid-19. Time and place can be agreed over the phone. We follow the National Institute of Public Health's guidelines for criteria for testing.
If you are going to travel abroad, the test costs NOK 600. If you also need a negative test certificate, this costs NOK 350. It takes 1-2 days to get an answer to the test.

When testing at LuftveisVAKTA, you must drive in via FV 40, up to the car park next to Geilojordet, keep to the right and stand in line with the car at the top of the medical center, until there is free space outside LuftveisVAKTA. The nurse will let you know when you can come in for testing. Place for testing may change, so follow the message you receive per. telephone with Geilo medical center / infection tracking group.

Telephone Geilo medical center: 32092250 Opening hours telephone is: Monday to Friday at 08.00 - 11.45 and 12.30 - 15.00

At the doctor's appointment LuftveisVAKTA: All patients must have an appointment in advance, which is made via Geilo medical center / Hol medical office. It is not possible to just show up. All patients are asked to wait in the car until they are picked up by a nurse. There is parking outside LuftveisVAKTA. Exit from LuftveisVAKTA is further past the medical center, through the parking lot at Geilojordet and onto FV 40.

Can I order activities? 

Yes, it will be possible to book activities. Here we recommend being out early with an order as there will be restrictions on the number of participants in line with the Infection Control Council. Check OutdoorFun for more information and ordering activities. For motorsport activities check out Dagali Opplevelser.

Is it mandatory to use a facemask?

No, at this moment it is not mandatory anymore but we strongly recommend you to use a facemask. 

Where can I find more information about the national rules due to the Corona virus?

Please use the national website from the FHI, make a note there might be local restrictions which can be different in every municipality. For our municipality you will find more information here, only in Norwegian. 



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