Fitness Vestlia Resort

The fitness area has an area of ​​300 square meters with modern gym, spinning hall, and hall for classes with aerobics, yoga and pilates, etc. There is a 15-year age limit in the fitness unit.
With us, our guests can enjoy a state-of-the-art fitness training program. We have both strength and spinning hall where we offer a wide range of different group lessons. We have hours of strength, stomach, tighten up, bosu and pilates. In the spinning room we have cycling training with maximum fitness effect with catchy music. Here you also get hours at different fitness levels in combination with strength training in the health club. Registration is made per. mail or personal with us.

Our health club is filled with fitness and fitness equipment for maximum fitness; treadmills, bicycles, elipse, rowing machines, exercise equipment weights etc. With us, you can get guidance and assistance from qualified coaches.

Personal training
You do not have to have celebrity status or be a star to train fitness and get better fitness or build muscle with personal guidance! A personal trainer prepares a tailor made schedule to give you maximum motivation and training effect. Your personal trainer is your training partner that accompanies the entire exercise of the exercise so you get the most out of your fitness training and help to reach your goals. Learning focus and top motivation are guaranteed! The trainer has in-depth knowledge of exercise, diet and measurable results.
Address: Bakkestølvegen 81, 3580 Geilo