Geilo Bike Park

Welcome to Geilo’s largest bike park. Here you will find have everything you need for a fantastic day of biking!
At Geilo Bike Park you can bring your bike, take the chair lift to the top and find a selection of bike trails for both beginners and experienced bikers. Try one of the technical singletracks through the woods, or wider family-friendly trails.

In th green and blue trails you can use either a regular mountain bike, a trail bike or a fully-tempered downhill bike. A total of 6 trails.

Downhill biking for beginners and kids!
Geilo Bike Park have a separate beginner's area with 4 trails that are suitable for those who want to try downhill for the first time or children over 5 years. Among other things you will find a skilled trail and a technical trail - perfect for anyone who thinks biking is fun! The area has its own tire lift, which even the smallest children manage to take alone.

All trails are signposted in relation to the different levels of difficulty.

Bicycles and protective equipment can be rented from SkiGeilo.
Address: Bakkestølvegen 80, 3580 Geilo