Geilo Hestesenter

Geilo Hestesenter offers activities all year around. Try a cozy horse- drawn sleigh ride or a spectacular trip to the mountains.
Geilo Hestesenter is owned and run by Asle Kirkevoll and his partner Solveig Danielsen. They are assisted by his niese and have good staff. They are assisted by new trainees every year, helping to pass on their knowledge and experience to new generations.

We are focussed on your safety and the quality of all the facilities and services we provide, always looking to improve and incorporate new techniques and methods into our routines to be able to provide you with the best possible experience.

We have been involved in the creation of and are a member of “Hest i Turistnæring” (Horses in the tourist industry). We are fully approved by ‘Norsk Hestesenter Starum’ and are fully insured by Gjensidige Norge.

Let us and our wonderful horses give you fantastic experience in the beautiful Norwegian nature!

On the summer trips we ride on the trails in Vestlia and up the hill towards Kikut, where we have many laps in the forest and can vary the length of the trip and the degree of difficulty according to the riders' experience. If there are new riders, it will be a calm ride in varied terrain. If there is a group of experienced riders, we can add some speed and excitement along the way. It is the guide who decides whether everyone in the group masters the horse and pace, and targets the weakest rider in the group.

Horseback riding in the winter landscape is a fun and exciting experience. On varying surfaces and with winter-hardy horses - Icelandic horses and Døl - it is recommended that you have some experience from before, as the gait can be a little uneven, and unstable because of the snow. Before the ride, you get to take part in the preparations such as picking up the horses, grooming and saddling up. The ride is led by well-qualified instructors so you feel safe on horseback. The trip is arranged according to weather and driving conditions.

Horse sleigh ride
In the winter, we also offer sleigh rides - horse and sleigh - in central Geilo.
Bring friends and family and experience a horse sleigh ride! You get the opportunity to experience Geilo at a slow pace, time to breath and refleks your toughts. You sit well wrapped in duvets and leather, and get to experience the winter atmosphere with the sound of bells and steaming horses in front of you. It is perfect for you who want a comfortable trip outside and at the same time experience Geilo from a different perspective. Geilo Hestesenter has regular rides several times a week, but it is also possible to book your own sleigh, but pick up at hotels or other central addresses in Geilo. This is truly an atmospheric and enjoyable experience!
Address: Stølsvegen 15, 3580 Geilo