Geilo Husky

Drive your own sled with a team of huskies!
Just a short walk from Geilo town center you find our camp. From here we can offer you a beautiful trip through forrest and over the frozen lake Ustedalsfjorden.

Normal skiing gear is great for dogsledding. Proper winter shoes, a good hat and gloves are important. Goggles and something to protect the face can be good to have on cold/snowy days.

Safety and insurance
Geilo Husky give instructions to all the guests before the trip and there are always an experienced dogdriver/guide with the guests on the first sled. Dogsledding is not a high-risk activity, but like everywhere else accidents can happen. Geilo Husky has insurance for accidents where we are to blame, but it is important that all our guests also have their own travel insurance.

We believe in giving the real experience!
It is important for us to give the guest a real taste of our dog-life. We have a lot of different dogdrivers working for us, everyone are experienced and all our dogs are trained for competitions and expeditions – no one have dogs just for driving tourists. Dog welfare are of course one of the most important aspects of our business. Teaching guests about the dogs, the competitions and expeditions and how this is a lifestyle, is a big part of the experience, next to see beautiful nature, meet happy dogs and do something completely different.
Address: Bakkestølvegen 56, 3580 Geilo