reisemål geilo
©Paul Lockhart

Green travelling into the white

Geilo was among the first ski destinations to achieve certification for being environmentally friendly as we were approved as a Sustainable destination in 2016. This certification also worked as an inspiration to all companies involved in the tourism industry as well as those developing Geilo as a destination.

Green environment

Green environment is a program describing a set of processes and activities that has been adopted by all the major hotels and an increasing number of other companies. Following the program and the procedures on a daily basis help ensure that everyone contributes to sustainable and environmentally friendly operations. 


Social sustainability and employment 

Geilo is by nature a destination providing seasonal work to a lot of young people in the beginning of their professional careers. Our program includes training, education and mentoring to secure that everyone develop and refine their skills in a safe working environment. Our young professionals is the next generation gradually taking more responsibility for the guests well being and for keeping Geilo environmentally friendly. 


Route 50 - culture and nature

Along Route 50 Hol - Aurland is our pride when it comes to showcasing authentic nature and culture. This is the trip for those appreciating to discover the history an in-depth identity of the region.


Sustainable arrangements and festivals

Geilo is a lively village with a variety of things going on through the whole year, some like the annual cross-country event Skarverennet gather large crowds. Whether it is a food festival, a concert or a ski race every arranger must apply and follow a predefined sustainability plan designed to leave no footprint in the nature.


And a train station in the middle

People tend to choose to go green more often when the environmentally friendly option is of great quality and easy to access.Travelling to Geilo by train is probably the better option as our train station is right in the city centre with commuting minibuses waiting to take you to the accommodation of your choice. Have a relaxing few hours and maybe a nap on the train instead of doing the hard work of driving a car in the dark and often snowy night.