Haaland Lift

Haaland Lift AS can help you to get started with your construction and renovation projects. They rent everything from different types of lifts and scaffolding, but also mini excavators and other construction machinery, garden tools, tools and much more.
Haaland Lift rents out machines and equipment to the private and corporate market in southern Norway and is owned by father and son, Martin and Per Morten Haaland. Warehouse and office are located at Nedre Lienvegen 14, Geilo.

If you have needs for a certified driver or worker or transport of the machines; Haaland Lift can help you with this.
See website www.haalandlift.no for an overview of rental products.

Haaland Lift main areas are Hallingdal; Geilo, Ål, Gol, Hemsedal, Nesbyen, Flå but also Fagernes, Leira, Bang, Eidfjord, Flåm, Aurland, Lærdal and Rødberg.

We live to deliver and not least:
We care about your safety !!
Address: Nedre Lienvegen 14, 3580 Geilo