Hardangerjøkulen Geilo
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Hiking in Geilo

Hiking trails suitable for everyone with a 360 degree view of the Norwegian mountains. A couple of hours of close contact with nature is an exciting journey of discovery, and an achievement to be proud of, for families with children. The longer trips offer altitude meters, mountain water, silence, and as many kilometers as you want to log. Rest areas and cabins, which offer a well-deserved break and dining, are the reward that awaits those who reach the goal. Had we had a national facility for hiking, it would certainly have been Geilo and the surrounding mountains.

Walking is mental hygiene
Recreation is the art of thinking the long thoughts, the ones that come tellingly when you stress down and forget to check mail. Although we have learned a lot since we were little, there is little that can compare to the simple joy of walking. Watch the play of colors and smell the mountains, make room for the silence and take in the amazing views that just come and go. After the trip, you are tired in a good way. Body and soul have found a balance, the food tastes better and the greatest of all pleasures awaits - a good night's sleep.

Geilo offers a wide range of accommodation options, from simple and budget-friendly to resort hotels with all rights. Of course, it is also possible to stay overnight in different cabins in the mountains, both with and without hosts, when you are on a trip. Or you can pitch a tent, enjoy the sunset and cook the fish you caught a few hours ago.


Hiking trails in Geilo

The mountain offers endless hiking opportunities, so where are we going? The mountain-accustomed and nature-loving enthusiasts in Geilo Sti- og Løypelag have, literally, gone up the best routes for you. The hiking trails are measured, marked and maintained so that you can choose based on your own shape / capacity, duration and number of kilometers. Alternatively, you can take out the map and choose your own path - the mountain has room for everyone.

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Outdoor active kart

Bruk kartet når du er på vandring eller sykkeltur. Det interaktive GPS-kartet viser hvor du er, stier i nærheten, avstander, fotos og beskrivelser og forslag til steder hvor du kan stoppe for en hvil og/eller en matbit.