Unfortunately, Holsdagen will not be held in 2021 due to uncertainty regarding regulations for infection control.
NOTE: This information is about the content of Holsdagen. Unfortunately, the organizer sees himself forced to cancel Holsdagen in 2021. We welcome you to the farmers' wedding in old Norwegian style and Holsdagen 30 July 2022.

Experience how a wedding could take place in the 1800 century. In connection with Holsdagen, there is a market at Hol village museum with offers of locally produced food, art, crafts, books, etc. In the evening you can join the Holsdagsfesten which is at Bardøla høgfjellshotell.


11.00: Service with wedding ceremony of the bride and groom in Hol old church. There is free access to the church after everyone with bunadar who is part of the bridal party has a place.

11.30: The wedding trip starts from Hol old church and goes along county road 50 to the wedding garden in Hol village museum.

12.45: The bridal party arrives at the farm at Hol village museum by Hagafoss. They get well with nap Anne Marie Kollhus. The firefighters inform in Norwegian and English about bridal customs and traditions.

1. Brurevisa from Hallingdal is sung to the bride and groom.
2. The bridal couple dances the first dance - called "laying the cross"!
3. Presentation of the bunads from Hallingdal.
4. Halling with playful halling throw
5. Various elements from folk life in older times
6. Hallingspringar with 2 escort - dance with 2 ladies at the same time

From time to time, there will be information about guesthouse traditions etc. of the foursome men in English and Norwegian. There will be a hall of food and drink in the wedding garden. After the guest house, it is possible to get a tour of the old houses.

20.30: Holsdagsfest at Bardøla - own tickets (NOK 295, - per ticket) you buy at the hotel.
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When can I book it?

31 jul 2021
Holsdagen 31 July 2021 - 11:00
Address: Hol Gamle Kyrkje, Hol