Husky half day trip on Hardangervidda

More husky and more dogsledding. Three hours with dogs-care and dogsledding.
Our half day trips are for doglovers that want some more time with the dogs.

If you choose first trip of the day - 10.00 am. you will help us prepare the dogs for the trip and learn how to put on a harness and how the team are put together. For the last trip - starting at 13.30 - 1.30 pm you will help the dogdriver after the trip to take of the harnesses and give the dogs some extra attention after the great job they have done for you.

You get instructions from experienced mushers before you get to try to drive the sled all by yourself for about 30 km / 2 hours.
Address: Halne Fjellstove, 5785 Halne