Husky - a tatser

Drive your own team of huskies 20-25 min trip on the frozen lake in the middle of Geilo
Have you always dreamed about trying dog sledding, or do you just want to try something completely different?

Get a taste of our dog life with dogsledding 20 to 25 minutes - depending on weather and snow. Average distance is 5 km.

With Geilo Husky you get to run your own sled with some of the best trained Alaskan Huskies in Norway.

On a Husky taster we start with instructions from experienced mushers before you get to try to run completely by your self for about 20- 25 minutes, our you swap half way with your passenger. After the tour there will be time to snuggle with the dogs, take pictures and have a little taste of Norway by the fire. By the fire we also explain more about our dogs, training and our dog-life.
Address: Bakkestølvegen 56, 3580 Geilo