Husky two days trip

The ultimate dogsledding experience. Two-days husky-life.
The ultimate dogsledding experience are a two-day trip with your own team of dogs!

A 2-day dogsledding start at 10.00. You will help us prepare the dogs for the trip and learn how to put on a harness and how the team are put together. We teach you how you are going to take care of your dogs the next couple of days. On a 2-day trip we are not just showing you the basic dogdriving, you will get to try much more about dogsledding!

From November to March you will go to a little cabin that belongs to the dogdriver (Petter) and sleep in a old "støl" where the farmers took their livestock in summer. This Støl is 993 meters above sea level and have a small kitchen/livingroom and one bedroom with six beds. ps the toilett are outside in a seperate (quite cold) house.

From March to November we will take you to a cabin in the middle of Hardangervidda - called Skaupa. This is just on the border to Hardangervidda Nationalpark.