Husky - whole day trip in Hardangervidda

5-6 hours husky-life.
The real dogsledding experience are a whole day trip with your own team of dogs!

A whole day dogsledding start at 10.00. You will help us prepare the dogs for the trip and learn how to put on a harness and how the team are put together.

Experienced dogdriver teach you how to drive the sled and then you go out in the Norwegian nature with the best view of them all - all the dogs infront of you!

Half way we stop for lunch. Remember to tell uf if you have allergy or other we should know about.

The whole dogsledding experience (including preparing the dogs and having lunch) will be 5-6 hours. And if you would like, you can help the dogdriver after the trip to take of the harnesses and give the dogs some extra attention after the great job they have done for you.

Please let us know if you do not have your own car when you are here!