Husky - whole day trip with Petter

Start from Petter's farm and go for a 5-6 hours trip.
Petter Arnesen has about 40 years of experience with dogsledding, outdoor living and he has also trained hunting dogs. This is someone who has husky in his blood and uses every free minute to train dogs.

Even though he has participated in several races, Petter has the last years been the one that makes it possible for others to be achieve their goals in long-distance races. Either as a handler (helping other dogdrivers during race) or by cultivating and training new talent that will compete on the longest races in the world.

The best thing Petter knows is a whole day out with the dogs. He has wonderful trails right from his house and dog-farm and up in the mountains in the area between Skurdalen, Tunhovd and Ål. Here you can drive up the mountain and experience both forest trails and the highlands.

If you want a whole day with Petter and his dogs then you meet up at Petter's address (address will be given at booking) about 30 min drive from Geilo. At 10:00 you start preparing the dogs and get instructions on how to drive your own sled, before you get on the slopes up to the mountains. On the trip up you may need to help the dogs a little, so we recommend you to be used to a bit physical activity.