Welcome to the ice rink in Hol where a number of world-renowned athletes have trained as children. Open all winter season.
The ice rink is located in Hol right next to Fv50 about 4 km from Hagafoss, 20 min from Geilo. Parking facilities at the stadion.

Floodlights are on every day until kl. 22.00, the rink is open for everyone and free to use. It is possible to rent skates. Contact Hol Idrettslag (sportsclub in Hol) directly on facebook.

Every Thursday there is a race and skating school from 17.45, registration is mandatory and you must be a member of Hol IL.

Rink length is 400 meters and is located 537 meters above sea level. The season depends on the weather. Ice rink is owned by Hol Idrettslag. Several Norwegian championships in speed skating have been arranged on the rink, in 1981, 1991 and 2016.
From Hol are several world-famous ice skaters who have all trained on this track; Ådne Søndrål, Håvard Bøkko, Hege Bøkko and Christoffer Fagarli Rukke.

Track record for 500 meters:
ladies: Hege Bøkko 40.68 in 2016
men: Christoffer Fagerli Rukke 37.00 in 2016
Address: Moslåttvegen, 3576 Hol