Kamille weekend at Vestlia Resort

A weekend full of just everything you want to experience!
* Guided mountain hikes around Geilo at two national parks just around the corner.
* Wine tasting, Dry or semi-dry? Sweet or fruity wine? At the wine course under the auspices of Vestlia Resort, you will get to taste wonderful wines and learn about the different types of wine. Kr. 250
* Spa and Wellness, Secure your place and treatments in the spa department as early as possible. Book via [email protected] as there are limited places. Kr. 200
* Bowling, Do you have a competitive instinct? Join the traditional bowling tournament. The winning team will be awarded at the gala dinner!
* Pool Party, Nothing is better than hanging by the pool in Eventyrbadet with a glass of bubbles after a day of training and tired feet. We promise music and good mood!

Renault Challenge & Zoe Mountain Run & Test Drive
MOUNTAIN RUN: This is for the tough - and for those who want to try a challenge. They will push and give you inspiring pep talks so that you reach the goal and can raise your arms on top of the slalom slope in pure Rocky style.
CHALLENGE: This is a team competition in collaboration with Elbilen Zoe. Here you will collectively get through various obstacles and tasks. This is playful and fun, and the winning team will be awarded at the gala dinner.

When can I book it?

17 sep 2021
Kamille weekend at Vestlia Resort 17 September 2021 - 15:00
Address: Bakkestølvegen 81,
Phone: 32087200