Kayak on Finse lake


Kayak in "arctic water", in a beautiful scenery!
Paddling a kayak on Finse lake must be one of the closest to paddle in "Arctic waters", with a magical scenery of mountains and glaciers. Kayaking at Finse lake takes place in steady double kayaks, focusing on safety and learning. Our guides will tell you exciting storys from the area, from the Stone Ages fishing culture, the wildlife and the Bergensbanen. You will also learn about how the Finse area was used by Amundsen and Schakleton as a test and training area for polar expeditions! There is no road access to Finse, only a railway stop - this is an amazing and exotic experience in untouched nature!

This summer we will arrange kayak tours two days every week from the start of season 10.july to 20. August. Kayak on Finse Lake in steady kayak for two persons. This will be the closest you can get to paddling in artic water. The glacier and mountains around Finse gives magnificent scenery. We will introduce you to the exciting history of Finse. Before we enter the water, we will give you an instruction in safety rules/precautions. You will not need any experience in kayak paddling, but everyone needs to be able to swim. Children from age of 10 years can join when they are together with an adult.

It is recommended to bring extra shifts that are suitable under the dry suit, for example wool underwear or thin training clothing. It's easy to get wet, voluntary or not. Bring towel and extra clothing so that the return journey is dry and warm. Remember that Finse can be fresh, even in the summer!

Bring your own food and drinks we will offer some hot drinks in additional during or after the trip
Sunglasses are recommended.
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