Kayak school


Try kayakking or improve your existing skills!
Kayaking is great sport for any beginner to learn, but there is a lot to learn about technique and equipment. If you've never been in a kayak, it might feel pretty unstable at first, and the paddle itself may frustrate you. Just getting the boat to go straight is a little tricky, so taking a beginner's class is a great way to get moving in the right direction.

We focuse on your personal goals and shows you the pleasures of paddling. DAGALI FJELLPARK offers a variety of courses varying in skill level, learning style and duration. The course content will adjust according to your requirement. We recommend multi-day courses or few courses in the row. It’s best way to make real progress in your kayaking skills.

Above all, remember that paddling is a lifelong progression. The river teaches you lessons that are hard to learn anywhere else.
Address: Perstulvegen 100, 3588 Dagali
Phone: +4790622675