Light safari in Halne

Halne Fjellstugu

Experience unique light, the stars, artic weather and maybe some northern light.
After dinner in Halne Fjellstugu we want to take you out on our favourite evening trip to "Halnekollen", a little mountain behind the cabin.

You get a pair of snowshoes and a headlamp if the sky is clouded. No matter how the weather are the day you are here, we promise you a light safari in every way.

The trip is easy and there is no point in hurry to the top. On the way we will watch for northern lights, stars or just feel the wind and weather on our cheeks. Beautiful clear sky, or terrible snowy weather - we promise you that this is a experience you never tried before if you are new on Hardangervidda.

Here are no light polution and the sound of weather, our feet in the snow and our breath is what you are here for. Even if you get a glimse of the green aurora borealis, or you barely see your own feets - this is what Hardangervidda is all about. This is the artic experience you can not get everywhere. And we promise you, there are miles and miles to all others human beeings. Here you got the nature to yourself.

The trip include a drink, some snacks and a guide that make sure you get safe around in the wild landscape by night. How long you are out for are decided by weather and how far you want to go, but usually a light safari takes about 2 hours in total.

The aim of the safari is to get you into the mountain-atmosphere. Get the deep breath of pure artic air and let you experience something brand new - and in the same time allow you to just exicst, relax and enjoy your vacation.

Camera and phone are left behind in the cabin. For this trip you shall just be you - just for you, and get the experience to be part of the universe with the stars above you or the snowstorm around you.

We promise you this evening trip will make your night sleep so much better!

You can book light safari and accommodation or only light safari. If you are more adults than 2 persons you need to place more orders.

Bring: Good warm clothes

Duration: We adapt to you. But about 2 hours is usually duration. Start is about 20.30 in the evening, after dinner

Meeting point: Halne mountain lodge if you are not there already. If you have had dinner, you get information on where to meet there.

The price includes: Guide, snowshoes, sticks, headlamp, drink and a little snack.

Age limit: About 7 years old, but we adapt.

Questions to: / +47 53 66 57 12

Price in NOK: Adults 390,- Children (u. 12 y) 190,- Familiy (2 adults + 2 children) 790,-

NOTE! If you would like to do the trip another day than listed here, please contact us and will try to arrange it for you.
Address: Hardangervidda 227, Halne
Phone: +4732178020