Live well with Hashimoto

The date is from 6 - 10 October. You can choose to stay either 3 or 4 nights. We give lectures on metabolism and lifestyle. Anne Gørild ensures that together we make good and nutritious food with the best of pure local ingredients. All food is blood sugar friendly, gluten and milk free. In addition, you get nice hikes in the mountains, with delicious, fresh mountain air. You get to know other course participants better and get to hang out with both of us outside the screen.
Storestølen Fjellhotell is located in the heart of Skarvheimen, by Hallingskarvet National Park, at 1012 m.o.h. Imagine the mountain air, the light, the calm, the atmosphere and the panoramic view towards Strandavatnet and Hallingskarvet. Storestølen has great hiking opportunities and rooms that are shielded from radiation and therefore suitable for electricity-sensitive people!
Anne Gørild Holtskog is the general manager at Storestølen Fjellhotell and passionate about food that provides nourishment and taste. For many years she has held her own food courses.
During these days you learn to make exciting dishes that you can easily make in your own kitchen. This is something we are going to make:
• Pizza, cakes and more with a focus on stable blood sugar.
• Soups that nourish.
• Gluten-free baked goods, bread and crispbread
The course is suitable for you who:
• Have signed up for or taken the course Live well with Hashimoto
• Want to avoid gluten and milk and which will stabilize blood sugar
• Think changes can be difficult and that will therefore learn more about how you can easily be without gluten and milk in everyday life
• Has metabolic problems, an autoimmune disorder, struggling with low energy or pain.
• Will learn to make healthy and nutritious cakes and snacks for Christmas and otherwise!

Throughout the weekend, we focus on the importance of food for your health. You will learn the basic principles so that it will be easy to do so in practice. In addition, you get the security you need in the kitchen. And not least, we will make a lot of good! During the weekend you will enjoy yourself more than you have done for a long time and your taste buds will be teased in both new and old ways! We bake the simplest bread available! In addition, we make crispbread, rolls and biscuits.
It's time for cakes too! Both raw food and the ones you put in the oven! Common to the recipes is that they are simple and the ingredients are easily available.
If you have children, you get tips for many good and simple recipes that appeal to little palates!

A little about Nina and Helén
Holding courses to teach others how to get better in their lives is what we are both passionate about. We know that a lifestyle change can be difficult, and that it will be easier with others in the same situation. Being allowed to meet you physically and not just via the screen is something we are really looking forward to.

Anne Gørild is a naturopath and quantum medicine. Owns and operates Storestølen Fjellhotell and has for the past 12 years worked as a therapist with a strong focus on diet and nutrition. She has experience from working with a treatment program for children with behavioral or learning difficulties and in this connection has helped families to switch to a gluten- and milk-free diet without white sugar.
Lectures, hiking, knowledge, food courses, inspiration and much more. Join in, recharge with clean food and mountain air.

When can I book it?

06 oct 2021
Live well with Hashimoto 06 October 2021 - 18:30
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