Lordemarsjen is a great trip in a majestic terrain between Raggsteindalen and Haugastøl. The organizers have decided to cancel the Lordemarsjen 2021 due to uncertain situation with infection control and local rules.
This information is about the Lordenmarsjen, please be aware that 2021 will not be organised due to difficult and uncertain regulation at such a kind of event.

The tour starts from Raggsteindalen, which is north of Hallingskarvet, and over Folarskaret and down to Haugastøl tourist center by RV 7. After about 9 km you come to Lordehytta which is the highest point on the trip, 1620 meters above sea level. The trip itself is about 21 km and follows a nice and marked path, which can be difficult in the middle part due to a lot of stones. On the trip you cross Hallingskarvet National Park which was established in 2006.

It is a steep climb from Folarskarvatnet and up to Lordehytta. Here, too, you walk in a nice path, but if you are a little tired or a little unstable, you may want to bring poles with you on the trip. Also do not forget to bring a map, compass, good clothes and good shoes. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

It is allowed to have a dog both on the trip and on board the bus, but you are obliged to have the dog in a band during the entire trip. This is important both with regard to others who go on the trip and because you will meet animals on your way. (Sheep, horses and maybe reindeer)

On the buses, there will be a person from Hol Historielag who will tell a little about the trip over the mountain, what you see along the route to Raggsteindalen and a little about the Lord who built Lordehytta.

There has been an increase in the amount of participants for the Lordemarsjen in recent years, the organizer has therefore seen an upper limit of 250 participants. We do this out of consideration for the safety of those who go on the trip.

The participation fee covers transport in addition to you getting a participant badge.

Everyone who participates is transported by bus to start in Raggsteindalen. Below you see bus times:
Haugastøl - 08:00
Ustaoset - 08:15
Geilo station - 08:30
Hagafoss - 08:45
Head - 09:00

You can stand along the national road and stop the bus by letting you know. It is possible to drive to Haugastøl in the morning and then get on the bus there and take your own car home after the march. For those who do not have their own car, a return bus has been set up departing from Haugastøl at 18:00. The bus goes all the way to Myrland.

When can I book it?

07 aug 2021
Lordemarsjen 07 August 2021 - 09:00
Address: Raggsteindalen, Hol