New Year's Eve dinner at Storestølen

At Storestølen, they welcome all of you who struggle with various food intolerances and allergies. Storestølen can make your best New Year's dinner ever, they will pamper you and they look forward to impress you.
On New Year's Eve, Storestølen serves a 5-course spesial menu. All food is allergy friendly and there are vegan alternatives for those who want it. They have home-grown trout, home-made herring of various kinds, and the homemade liquor is now with this year's juniper berries and is getting ready for Christmas!

Please order in advance at Storestølen!

Do you struggle with various food intolerances? Do you cold feet for traveling to a hotel because you are afraid of getting something you allergic for? Are you tired to explain what you need to get safe food for you and your health situation?
At Storestølen we will accommodate all of you who struggle with various food intolerances and allergies. With us, you who do not tolerate gluten, milk or soy get the best food! We make the food from scratch, and the best food is reserved for you who are used to having to compromise and skip the dessert because the restaurant can not deliver.
We make all our soups and sauces from scratch and they are of course free of gluten, milk and all additives. Cakes and bread are baked without gluten, milk and sugar and we have vegan dishes for both lunch and dinner. Will will pamper you and look forward to impressing you!
Text: Storestølen Fjellstue

When can I book it?

31 dec 2020
New Year's Eve dinner at Storestølen 31 December 2020 - 19:00
Address: Strønde, 3577 Hovet ,