Norsk Matglede 2021

Welcome to the Norway's biggest Food Event in the mountains: Norsk Matglede!
Geilo is the arena for one of Norway's most important food events! With a focus on small-scale production, organic ingredients and short-distance food, Norsk Matglede has consolidated its position as a communicator of Norwegian and local food traditions! We are proud to be able to invite you to this Norwegian Food Event nærby two National Parks in the centre of Norway.

Are you interested in being an exhibitor for Norsk Matglede 2021? Feel free to contact us.


Geilo is a Sustainable Travel Destination, Visit Geilo AS an Environmental Lighthouse Company and Norsk Matglede a Green Event!

We must document to the Environmental Lighthouse Foundation that requirements for working environment, purchasing, energy, transport, waste, emissions and aesthetics have been met.

We will encourage everyone to use public transport, carpooling, using a bike or walk, from and under the event, where possible. For the journey to and from Geilo, we recommend taking the train. See information about timetables at VY.

We can also recommend the app En-tur for information about timetables on all types of public transport in the whole of Norway.

We want it to be easy for exhibitors and visitors to source sort their waste under the event, and encourage everyone to use the environmental station in the city centre.

In order to be able to participate as an exhibitor, it is a requirement to present short-distance or locally produced products.

When can I book it?

09 oct 2021
Norsk Matglede 2021 09 October 2021 - 10:00
Address: Vesleslåttvegen 13, 3580 Geilo