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All the local museums from the Hallingdal museum open for the summer season. Welcome!
You will find local history museums in every village in Hallingdal. Hol municipality has two rural museums, one in Dagali with an exhibition by Gunnveig Nerol and one in Hol with an exhibition about the Bergen train rails and summer concerts every Tuesday in July.

Hallingdal Museum is a department of the county Buskerud Museum, and consists of 6 places to visit around Hallingdal; Hallingdal Museum Nesbyen, Gol Bygdemuseum, Ål Bygdamuseum, Hemsedal Bygdatun, Hol Bygdemuseum, and Dagali Museum. In addition, we manage guided tours of Hol Gamle Kyrkje and Kunstvandring Nesbyen.

In total, the museum has 133 antiquarian buildings and around 40,000 objects from the district; utensils, clothing, textiles, art and archival material that reflect the history from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. The buildings come from large parts of Hallingdal, and tell about peasant culture and business life through the ages.

Through various events, theme days and exhibitions, the museum facilitates experiences and knowledge dissemination related to both older and more recent times. (source:

Find information about Dagali Bygdemuseum and Hol Bygdemuseet on our website.

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27 jul 2021
Opening Hallingdal museum 27 July 2021 - 11:00
28 jul 2021
Opening Hallingdal museum 28 July 2021 - 11:00
29 jul 2021
Opening Hallingdal museum 29 July 2021 - 11:00

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