Pole Hunt in Hol

Geilo IL

Do you want to go on a voyage of discovery in Geilo - try the pole hunt!
Post hunting is a form of orienteering, where you have to find poles that have been set up near Geilo. The posts are found on a digital map and can be registered by downloading the app "Stoplejakten" for mobile phone, or go to stolpejakten.no.

You scan the QR code that each bar is equipped with, and get information about each place you visit. In the immediate area around Geilo there are many interesting cultural monuments, stories and activities that you can get knowledge about. In the pole hunt, you also collect points, and the really eager pole hunters travel around the country and the beach to find poles throughout the country. There are draw prizes for those who participate in the pole hunt.

When can I book it?

20 sep 2021
Pole Hunt in Hol 20 September 2021
21 sep 2021
Pole Hunt in Hol 21 September 2021
22 sep 2021
Pole Hunt in Hol 22 September 2021

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Address: Lienvegen 85, 3580 Geilo