In the realm of wild reindeer

Join a fantastic trip where you will hear about the reindeer and humans on the Hardangervidda.


Duration: 4h 30 min

Price: NOK 740 per person

Price includes: Boattrip with Halnekongen, storytelling, short-traveled local food. 

Age limit: 12 years

Bring: Warm/windproof clothing. 

Meeting place: Halne Fjellstugu

Contact information: [email protected] or tel. +47 53 66 57 12

“It is more than 9,000 years since a human being first set foot on the Hardangervidda. Three hundred generations of reindeer hunters have traveled in these mountains. They have wandered amoung the same knots and knolls, the same rivers, streams and water that we see when we walk along the old paths and trail. But they also have experienced how natural conditions have changed and how the plateau has changed character from millennia to millennia. The reindeer has been important to mankind for many thousands of years. "

Join our boat trip with Halnekongen and get to know the history and the importance of reindeer in Hardangervidda. We will serve local "rømmegrøt" on the boat.

When can I book it?

27 jul 2021
In the realm of wild reindeer 27 July 2021
28 jul 2021
In the realm of wild reindeer 28 July 2021
29 jul 2021
In the realm of wild reindeer 29 July 2021

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