Spring's most beautiful skiing adventure in National Park Hallingskarvet
The Skarverennet was first arranged in 1974, is a cross-country race starting at Finse / Haugastøl and income at Ustaoset. It runs along Hallingskarvet in a fantastic nature. Behind this great race with long traditions, Geilo IL stands with a bunch of volunteers who are at your disposal from start to finish.

With start in small groups diffrent places in Geilo and individually finish in Geilo, the sportsclub Geilo IL will arrange a "pandemic edition" og Skarverennet 2021.

No one can say for sure what the Corona infection situation is like, and what restrictions will apply, in the last half of April. Geilo IL has therefore made plans that include a new trail route which means that Skarverennet can be carried out even in a situation where restrictions still apply.
In this «pandemic edition» of the race, the participants will start in batches in relation to the permitted number from four different starting points in Geilo. Our more than 1100 volunteers will organize the start and finish so that social distance and other infection control make it safe to go on this great ski trip in the mountains for the participants.

Right now we do not know how many participants will be allowed to experience this year's edition, but we believe that it is important to think ahead and make good plans. Then, of course, the Skarverennet may be forced to cancel, for the second year in a row due to the corona.
There is no one now who can say anything about the infection situation and what rules / restrictions may apply in April. If Skarverennet is forbidden, all participants will be refunded 100% including any accommodation booked in Geilo during Skarverenn weekend.

In the center of Geilo, there is a lot of hustle and bustle and good offers in all shops.
GeiloHallen is filled with sportswear and equipment from a number of well-known brands at good prices. Admission is free and for everyone.

Did you know that Skarverennet is organized by Geilo IL? And that those you meet on the trail and around work on a voluntary basis, some already a year ahead of the race! This is a folk festival for both those who participate and those who help with the event.

When can I book it?

17 apr 2021
Skarverennet 17 April 2021 - 07:00
Address: Lienvegen 85,
Phone: 4732095150