Skarverennet 17th of April 2021

Norways most popular ski race: Skarverennet 17th of April 2021
Imagine skiing in the majestic mountains, enjoy breathtaking views and follow a train of happy skiers making their 37 kilometer way from Finse to Ustaoset along Hallingskarvet National Park. Packages that may or may not include accomodation for sale, 100% cancel refund guarantee. Place your bookings!

It´s back again - a warm welcome to Skarverennet 17th of April 2021!
It´s a mere adventure as the warming April sun shines from the blue skies while thousands of skiers enjoy Norway´s most popular skirace. Breathtaking nature and grand mountain views will open up as you glide along the perfectly prepared tracks on your way to the finish line at Ustaoset. Get ready and sign up for the 48th Skarverennet experience!

Skarverennet Covid-19 precautions
We have made solid backup plans to be able to go forward and arrange Skarverennet despite the pandemic situation ensuring that all participants and volunteers are safe at all times. These backup plans include alternative starts, different ski tracks and starting times.

If a limited number of skiers restrictions should occur, first come first served will be our priority. 

Final decisions regarding preferred tracks and total number of skiers will be made no later than March 1st 2021. 


100% refund guarantee including accomodation
If the pandemic situation months from now should force us to cancel the event, we will refund 100% including prepaid accomodation costs at Geilo for the 16th-18th of April weekend.