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Ski rental and ski service

Geilo offers multiple ski rental locations around town and by the ski resort.

Here you will find ski equipment for everyone, regardless of age and skills. Top modern equipment for all disciplines such as alpine skiing, freeski, twintip, snowboard, telemark and cross country. The ski rentals helps you adjust the bindings and to prepare and upgrade your own equipment. The equipment is always in good condition, newly waxed and groomed.

Below you will find an overview of Geilo's ski rentals.


SkiGeilo has a total of three ski rentals, located in Vestlia, Havsdalen and Kikut. Here you will find both alpine, snowboard, and cross-country packages. The ski rental in Vestlia is the largest on Geilo. In addition to ski hire, they specialize in ski service! Mounting or re-mounting of bindings, base repair or inserts and stone grinding is also available.

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Slaatta Skisenter

Slaatta Ski Center offers a large selection of alpine skis for all levels. You can also rent snowboard and telemarking equipment, as well as several different types of cross-country skis. The ski rental at Slaatta also has a large number of boots in different models to make sure you get the one that suits you the best. It is also possible to rent. It is also possible to rent snowshoes, pulk and toboggan. Ski and snowboard services are also available.

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Geilo Skishop

Geilo Skishop is located at Dr. Holms Hotel, 200 meters from Slaatta. Geilo Ski shop has equipment with top quality. Downhill, cross country skiing, mountain skiing or snowboards. Geilo Ski shop gives you a family discount if there are three or more people renting equipment.

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At Finse 1222 you can rent bikes and ski equipment at their local rental shop Skiseil 1222/Bicycle 1222.

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