Småtroll 4 years white Vestlia

For children who have never skied before or who are not able to stop or turn in a controlled manner. This is a group for beginners in which we use fun and games to teach students to have better control over their skis, including sliding, braking and turning on the easiest slopes, as well as how to use the appropriate lifts.

It is important for these group lessons that the child is able and happy to spend time away from their parents.
Most important for children and youth is to have loads of fun, feel safe and be given positive feedback and motivation on skis. Through fun learning and playing on skis the children will have a positiv relationship to skiing.

Together with the instructor, the children will learn to catch the lift and develop the skiing technique suitable for their level and age. The children will also learn the rules for safe alpine skiing.

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14 dec 2020
Småtroll 4 years white Vestlia 14 December 2020
21 dec 2020
Småtroll 4 years white Vestlia 21 December 2020
28 dec 2020
Småtroll 4 years white Vestlia 28 December 2020

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