Snowkite cours on Hardangervidda

To you want to take a snow kite course in the middle of the Hardangervidda?
Villa surf garden and Halne fjellstugu offers kite courses every day from 8 February to 2 March. Have you never taken a kite before or have you done a course before, we have the course for you!
Choose between 1 day, 2 days or 2 days including accommodation at the delicate Halne Fjellstugu. Here we kite right outside the door.

When kiting on the Hardangervidda, there are certain rules to follow because of the National park and reindeer, we keep track of those rules and of course stay well within these when we have courses and kites ourselves. Among other things like safety, we respect most the wild nature here. On the Hardangervidda, wild reindeer are very important. We make sure to always be up to date in these areas and stay far away when we kite and have kite courses.

When you take a kite course with us and Halne:
• Security is price 1
• Have fun while kiting
• Feel the sense of mastery
• Best conditions for good wind
• New, good and safe equipment
• Max 4 participants per instructor
• Access to a cozy fireplace directly on the spot
• Sale of waffles, hot drinks and local dinner

Ang Covid 19,
If you have symptoms, it is important not to attend the course. If you live in a municipality or a place with a high infection, we recommend that you do not sign up for this course and travel to Halne.
For more information and booking contact Villa Surf Garden at Chris, 476 14 844 / [email protected]

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When can I book it?

19 mar 2021
Snowkite cours on Hardangervidda 19 March 2021 - 09:00
Address: Hardangervidda 227,