Snowmobile safari

Dagali Opplevelser

Snowmobile safari is a great adventure in the postcard Norwegian winterland.
It’s suitable for everyone, even children as youg as 4 years old.
The safari track is approximatly 40km long. Usually it takes 2-3 hours.
Our snowmobiles are two-seated, so it’s possible with a passenger. If you are two people sharing one snowmobile, it’s no problem alternating drivers.

The safari track is on the side of Pålsbufjorden. A fjord in Nore og Uvdal. The landscape varies from open to alpine forest. Halfway, we will have a break with some warm drinks. If you brought a snack, this is a good time to enjoy it.

No previous experience with snowmobiles are necessary. Our experienced guide will teach you how to drive it!

The snowmobile safari starts and ends at Dagali Opplevelser.
Address: Bygdeveien 185, 3588 Dagali