Spark World Cup 2021

The last weekend in January, the winter village of Geilo welcomes the Kick Sledge World Cup.
Welcome to the 38th edition of the Spark (Kick sledge) World Cup in Geilo.
The Spark World Cup is a unique event in many ways. It is an informal, social and traditional event. Based on one of the oldest means of transportation we know in this country, and in Sweden and Finland, committed people have since 1982 managed to create a popular and beloved winter carnival. The Spark World Cup is one of the highlights in Geilo!

The content of the Spark World Cup has varied over the years it has been held. Spark World Cup today appears as a winter carnival. There are mainly 3 classes for adults and a separate Spark WC for children.
The time, on the other hand, has mostly been, the last weekend in January. This for the simple reason that then it is guaranteed to "kick".

Program and information coming ...

Experience Spark Championships 2020 again here:

As a co-organizer, we have Off Pist Lounge with us. Here, the official After Spark party will start at. 16.00 Age limit 20 years.

All participants / teams must fill out the registration form. All points must be filled out. Remember to check if you want an invoice or to pay when picking up the start number. Larger groups over 10 pers. invoiced. Registration form will be up dated later.

If you have questions or other inquiries, please contact us!

// SPARK World Cup - A GREEN EVENT //

Geilo is a Sustainable Travel Destination, Visit Geilo AS an Environmental Lighthouse Company and Spark World Cup a Green Event!

We must document to the Environmental Lighthouse Foundation that requirements for working environment, purchasing, energy, transport, waste, emissions and aesthetics have been met.

We will encourage everyone to use public transport, carpooling or use a bike a kick sledge or come walking, from and under the Spark World Cup, where possible. For the journey to and from Geilo, we recommend taking the train. See information about timetables at VY.

We can also recommend the app En-tur for information about timetables on all types of public transport.

We want it to be easy for participants and visitors to sort their waste at source during the Spark World Cup, and encourage everyone to use the environmental station in the city centre.

When can I book it?

29 jan 2022
Spark World Cup 2021 29 January 2022 - 11:00
Address: Vesleslåttvegen 13, 3580 Geilo