Stine's trip - with Relasjonspodden

Are you interested in how to get better relationships, and to understand why you do as you do and have it as you have it? Do you want to get help how to get better? Then this happening is for you!
Here you get the opportunity to clean up your luggage through therapy, meditation and awareness talks. During the weekend you will have many opportunities to move your own boundaries, feel unfamiliar feelings and create good relationships, both to others, but first and foremost yourself.

There are 50 places available. We will work together both in the whole group, and in smaller groups along the way. If you listen to Relationspodden, you may have a certain sense of what you have in store.
Dora Thorhallsdottir and Kjersti Idem have been successful with the podcast "Relationship Podcast" where they offer a lot from their own lives and answer questions from listeners with tips on how you can get better with yourself and others.

Dora Thorhallsdottir works as an EQ therapist, lecturer and stand-up comedian. She is a trained family therapist from the Kempler Institute in Denmark, and is a general teacher and journalist, with a master's degree in communication.

Kjersti Idem has many years behind her in the media, including as a presenter in TVNorge, P4 and Radio 1. In addition to Relasjonspodden, she works as a therapist and yoga teacher.

When can I book it?

13 aug 2021
Stine's trip - with Relasjonspodden 13 August 2021 - 09:00
Address: Bakkestølvegen 81,