Strikkehelg at Vestlia Resort

The knitting weekend offers exciting, educational lectures - both in design and history. In addition, fun workshops are offered where you can, among other things, learn how to design your own knitted garments or try your hand at Kontstrikk. This weekend guarantees a good atmosphere, fantastic nature and exciting content, and you will meet like-minded knitting enthusiasts and make (or knit) new friendships!

Different types of lectures, including the History of Knitting and Design own knitwear. But also workshops such as Learn to knit a triangular shawl, Kontstrikk 1 & 2, Christmas workshop and pre-Christmas market. Make Christmas decorations, and lovely shopkeepers. Additional costs may apply.

When can I book it?

29 oct 2021
Strikkehelg at Vestlia Resort 29 October 2021 - 15:00
Address: Bakkestølvegen 81,
Phone: 32087200