Vestlia Terrain Park
©Vegard Breie

Terrain parks

At Geilo there are three terrain parks with challenges for all levels of ages and with over 200 different features. The goal of the terrain park is that there should always be something new and exciting! Geiloparken work closely with Norway's Top Sports Gymnasium at Geilo and Geilo IL, both have helped to plan the park's unique elements and the needs of the riders. Geiloparken is something for everyone regardless of skill level, it´s playful, creative and there is an opportunity for development!

Geiloparken - Kikut

If you more creativity, long runs with many hits then Kikut is the place! At Kikut there is a park for everyone regardless of level. The park is spread over Tone and Guroløypa with a total of 1300m park. Here the focus is on playfulness and creativity. The goal is to get a bit of everything in a run, no matter if you like jumps, rails or boxes it should simply be something for everyone. The park invites the riders to find their own lines, many items are meant to run in different ways and not just traditionally straight on.

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Geiloparken - Vestlia

If you want to ride in a more slopestyle-like park, then we have Vestlia. This park is built with development and training in focus for the riders. You can start with wide boxes and small jumps in the children's area and work up to the biggest jumps completely next to each other.

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At Slaatta you will find the snowpark for both beginners and advanced. A good selection of jumps and rails of varying difficulty. Our main park line consists of jumps and rails and gives you room to be creative. All rail elements gives you a choice of difficulty levels and at the children's lift, there are smaller jumps, terrain waves and plastic tubes and other fun elements that are suitable for the smallest. Slaatta offers a well-designed park for development in all age groups at all levels.

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