Bus in Geilo
©Paul Lockhart

Getting around in Geilo

Welcome to Geilo! Here you will find information on how to get around in our national park village and Hol municipality.

Ski bus

SkiGeilo have three ski buses that bring you conveniently around the ski resort at Geilo. The free ski bus circulate between Vestlia and Geiloheisen. The buses will also stop by the hotels in Geilo in the morning and after 3.15pm. If you would like to join the ski bus, wait by the road and give a clear signal to the driver.

Read more about the ski bus, see time schedule and stops here.

District bus

District buses run in and out of Hol municipality. The main bus station in Geilo is located at the train station in the midle of Geilo. You can buy bus ticket onboard or online. Check out En-tur´s travel planner for local bus schedules.

Rental car

If you want the freedom to explore the Geilo region at your own pace, a rental car is a good solution. At Geilo you will find one car rental company - Geilo Rent A Car, but if you move it a little east to Gol you will find both Hertz and Avis. We recommend that you book a car well in advance and read about road conditions in Norway before you arrive. Driving in the summer is easy, but winter conditions can be demanding.


Geilo Taxi offers transport for 1-16 people, as well as wheelchair transport. Contact Geilo Taxi at +47 32 09 10 00.