Train to Geilo
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Travel to Geilo

Geilo is located in the midle of Norway surrounded by mountains and national parks, and proximity to the fjords in the western parts on Norway. With Geilo as a base you can combine rugged nature experiences in the high mountains and exciting trips to the fjords. The most common way to travel to Geilo is by train and bus from Oslo or Bergen, or by car. There are daily train and bus connections from Oslo and Bergen to Geilo.


You travel comfortably and arrive quickly; approximately 3 hours from Bergen and approximately 3.5 hours from Oslo to Geilo. The VY trains on the Bergen Line pass the most beautiful, wildest, and most untouched
nature in Norway.

The train has 5-6 arrivals/departures per day to/from Geilo. You can purchase your ticket at the VY-application on your mobile device, online on the website or ticket machines at the train station. When you purchase your ticket in the app or online there is no need to print out your ticket, you will get a PDF ticket in your mail, the will be enough. 


Airport Shuttle - Direct bus from Oslo Airport Gardermoen to Geilo (only winterseason). 

Numedalsbussen - Bus between Kongberg and Geilo. 

Hallingbussen (NX 175) - Bus between Oslo and Geilo.

Sogn og Fjordane Express - Bus between Førde and Gol.

Skyss (991) - Bus between Odda and Geilo.


The shortest road between Oslo and Bergen is RV7, and right in the middle is Geilo. The RV7 over the Hardangervidda and along the Hardanger Fjord is a national tourist road. You can also get to Geilo via road RV50 over the mountain from west to east. The road goes through magnificent scenery between Aurland and Hol. From Hol, it is 10 km to Geilo. From Geilo, the FV40 road goes through Numedal, Kongsberg, Larvik, and on to Tønsberg and Sandefjord.

For road warnings, and incidents check Statens Vegvesen or call phonenumber +47 815 48 991 (English) 

Distances to Geilo:

From Bergen: 244 kilometres
From Larvik: 249 kilometres
From Oslo: 219 kilometres
From Trondheim: 528 kilometres